Friday, September 28, 2007

Travel insurance for over 65

Both my in-laws are contemplating going on a holiday to Australia. My
mother-in-law wants to visit her sister who migrated over to Adelaide
with her son after the death of her husband a couple for years ago. My
mother-in-law's been bugging my father-in-law that they've not been on
a holiday for a long time and since the weather down in Australia is
not cold like many other travel destination, it'll make an ideal place
to spend a few weeks at for the both of them.

She knows that my father-in-law cant stand cold weather and he's only
free to travel during this time of the year. I reminded them that no
matter where they go, it's best to protect themselves with travel
insurance over 65 first. I certainly dont want anything to happen to
them on their travels. You know, old folks have difficulty obtaining travel insurance over 65 years old. They'd better go check it out before they proceed with their traveling plans.

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