Saturday, September 22, 2007

Barry's going to Adelaide soon

My neighbor's kid is going over to Australia. I heard that he wants to look for Jobs in Adelaide but have no idea where to start. I told my neighbor about the Gumtree Adelaide classifieds. Not only can he find Jobs in Adelaide there, he can also find Dating in Adelaide information there too. I'm sure he'll be lonely once he arrives in Adelaide. So, it's good to know where he can find someone to go out with once in a while.

I have a few friends who met their wives online. I hope our problogger can meet the love of his wife that way too since he hardly ever leave his house. Sits in front of the computer all day long. No way he can find a wife if he stays home all the time. Who knows he exists except his readers, lol. So, who's going to Adelaide? Do bookmark the site, ya. You may do by clicking on any of the links provided here.

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