Thursday, September 27, 2007

Boat insurance coverage

The rich really lead great lifestyle. They go to fine restaurants, dress in designer clothings and also drive fast cars. Some of them even own boats and planes. One of my friend inherited a boat from his rich uncle recently. It's a luxury fishing boat that costs a lot of money to buy and also maintain. The boat is only a few years old and hardly been used. His uncle only takes it out to sea a few times each year. This is not the only boat that he has.

My friend is now looking for boat insurance to protect it from the unpredictable weather that hits his place ever so often. he was asking me the other day if i know of any insurance company that sells boat insurance or not. I remembered a friend of mine told me about the insurance he bought for his yacht recently. I told him to check with They will have the right boat insurance coverage for his boat.

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