Thursday, September 27, 2007

CJ's graduation

I almost forgot to inform hubby that his aunt will be dropping by tomorrow to borrow his luggage. She's going to Perth again with her husband. And this time, it's for her son's graduation. Heard that he obtained very good results and was already offered a good position at a huge corporation. But the company is based in Adelaide. So, he'll be moving to Adelaide the moment he graduate.

I think both hubby's uncle and aunt will be going there together with him to check out his new office. Adelaide is such a wonderful place to be. It has so much to offer a holiday-goer like festivals and great food, arts and culture and also shopping and sports. I bet they'll have a swell of a time there.

I heard my MIL speaking on the phone with her regarding those Perth Hotels, Adelaide Hotels and also Sydney Accommodation. She'll be doing all her booking at Cheaperthanhotels. I've heard of it before. It has many last minute deals and those rates are very good too. Since they will be away for such a long time, i guess they'll need to plan everything carefully. I wish them a safe journey and also a happy holiday.

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