Thursday, September 27, 2007

Poker Tools for online poker players

I was surprised to see my cousin home last Saturday evening. He's usually at the club playing poker with his friends. Janny, his wife will be left home with the kids and i often hear her complain he seldom spend weekends with them. My cousin has made it clear to her even before they were married that weekends are reserved for his poker games. he's an avid poker player and can beat anyone who challenges him to a game. Oh, no. Dont get me wrong here. He doesnt gamble. He just likes the game very much, just like a hobby.

Janny told me he seldom drives to the club nowadays ever since one of friends introduced him to online poker. Everyone's happy now as he gets to continue playing his favorite game and his wife and kids gets to see him home during the weekends. He even installed some poker tools onto his laptop to help him master his game. He has this Poker Odds Calculator and Advisor called Poker Pro 2007 that gives him real-time poker tips, poker strategy, pot odds and recommendations as he plays at his favorite online poker site. No wonder he wins all the time.

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