Thursday, September 27, 2007

Comfortable bedding from Terry's Fabrics

My mother-in-law loves to buy bedding. She will buy them for me whenever she goes shopping. The guest room wardrobe is full of them. Many have not even been used for more than 5 times, and she'll be buying more again. I just wish she will give some away before she goes on a shopping spree for bedding again. Christmas and New Year is just round the corner, and i suspect her shopping will start very soon. It's only a couple of months away.

My mother-in-law loves bright and floral prints. I dont. I prefer white and beiges, or maybe some pastel shades. I feel that i dont sleep well in bright sheets. Their bright tones gets on my nerves and i'll toss and turn around in bed. I really cant stand sheets in bright Orange or Crimson. There was once she bought me a set in a really bright shade of turquoise with lots of colorful shapes. Oh my god, i couldnt sleep the whole night. I'm going to tell her about the beautiful bedding offered at Terry's Fabrics before she goes shopping again.

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