Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Visit The Coast to Coast Walkway in Auckland

There's a Colostrum supplement promotion at Parkson and i walked over to check the counter out for myself. I've been drinking Colostrum for years and have sold more than a few thousand cans of this superior nutritional supplement. My kids love it but the brand i use to sell is no longer in production. I have to get mine from other retailers now as i no longer sell this. I dont want to by the whole box back only to find that my kids dont like the taste.

I was right ti try it out before i buy. Gordon didnt like the taste and Malcolm wouldnt even open his mouth. I have no problem with it bu ti still have lots of Wakame Soya to finish. The colostrum will have to wait till i whack them all up. Colostrum always remind me of New Zealand as that's where all milk comes from. I have a friend who lives in Auckland and owns a farm.

If i were to visit her one day, i'd like to visit the The Coast to Coast Walkway. I think it's a great way to discover more about the history and unique features of Auckland. Moreover, i'll be able to tell my friends that i walked from one side of New Zealand to the other! Anyone interested in visiting New Zealand can check the rates on Hotels in Auckland, Hotels in Wellington, Hotels in Christchurch and more at Cheaperthanhotels, ya.

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