Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Brazilian wax is painful

One of the best way to maintain sanity when blogging through the night is to have a few online friends to chat with. I have a few close ones who keep me company through the wee hours of the morning. Yes, i think by now nearly everyone knows what a blog i can be. I can sit here everyday till 5 am doing nothing but post to all my blogs non-stop.

So that day, we were debating about sunbathing on a nudist beach near those Maui condos which May read from Hawaiian vacation information. I asked her if she'll need a Brazilian wax session or not if she were to sunbathe there. She said yes. But my argument is if one isnt going to be wearing anything, why bother with going through the agonizing session.

It's darn painful, k. Believe you me. Forget about what those books tell you it's not painful at all if you relax yadda, yadda, yadda. Pure crap. May did say she'd like to book herself at one of those Oahu vacation rentals and sunbathe on the balcony instead if people think she weird, lol.

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