Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I need a professional document scanning service

Have you any idea how many boxes of documents i brought back with me when i moved back from the city to live here? Believe you me when i tell you it a hell lot. I ran an iterior design firm together with hubby specializing in design and build. The hardest and toughest of all in the industry. We design, project manage, contract and also do procurement.

Most of those documents are layout huge plans and also lots of detailed drawings. Apart from them, tonnes of documents like contracts, agreements, invoices, and god knows what else. I just know if i can have them stored digitally and safely archived somewhere other than my attic, i'll be the happiest woman on earth. I believe what i need now is a Professional Document Scanning Service.

Jason told me he had to comply with some new rulings regarding maintaining his employees financial records. Not too sure about the details. But then, he told me he engaged a Document Scanning Service to handle his company's massive database. He asked me to call them up for a quote. Yes, i'll do that. I really cant wait to get rid of all those stuff from my attic.

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