Sunday, September 02, 2007

DirectMatches expands business opportunities

My friend runs an online store and he's been complaining that since the day he launched it, it doesnt seem to be giving him the much anticipated revenue. He says that even his own friends have problem looking for his site. Even when they key in his online store to the search engines, the result that comes out doesnt show his online store at all. Now, that's bad news to him. He knows that many entrepreneurs make it big once they put their business online. What he cant understand is why he has a problem with getting the relevant traffic to his site which he hope to turn into sales prospect.

I helped him ask around some of my friends who've have plenty of success stories to share about their online business and they told me to get to list his business on a business networking site. One of my close business friend, Kerry, suggested that he try out one pioneering site which has been operating since 1999. It's At the moment, DirectMatches boasts of more than 65k+ members. That's one hell of a huge database of members.

Whether you are self-employed, into business networking, franchising, home-based bsuiness or like my friend who's on the lookout for potential buyers, it is good to have another means to be heard. Kerry told me that registration with DirectMatches is free. So, there's nothing to lose on my friend's part. He recommends that he utilize this completely risk-free venue for the chance to expand his online business.

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