Sunday, September 02, 2007

Family-oriented Mexico Vacations

My friend just got back from her Mexican vacation. He told me both her hubby and she went to a nudist beach called the Hidden Beach Resort. WAHHHH!!!! I LIKE!!!! It's more for the naturalists inclined. Ya, what a good idea. Though i enjoy looking at nude bodies, but i cant foresee torturing my eyesight with saggy breasts and errr... droopy male private parts, lol.

It's a fact i cant go anywhere without my kids. Hidden Beach resort is definitely out for me. Mexico Vacations at the family-oriented Azul Beach or Azul Blue are more suitable though. Yes, life has changed a lot since kids entered my life. When once i'd jump at the idea of sunbathing at a nudist beach, it's all different now. More like building sandcastles and throwing Frisbees now, lol.

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