Saturday, September 01, 2007

Wet wet wet wet wet wet

I took a quick shower and since Gordon wanted milk, i took that as an excuse reason to go out to the nearby mall where i bought my phone from. I got MIL to keep an eye on him too. Malcolm is napping. The shop say i can get it back earliest by Tuesday if they send it in on Monday. Since today is Saturday, i'll hand it in to them tomorrow night.

It rained dog shit by the time i left the mall, niamah. I din take the umbrella into the mall as i'll look like a silai. By the time i reached home, i looked like a wet silai, tiu. So much for vanity. And my wet hair is making my scalp itch also, knn. I'm so going to crap all night long again. Hubby's not back yet.....

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