Thursday, September 06, 2007

For all your printing needs

Were running a new advertising campaign and had to print out lots of pamphlets to hand out to customers. I was left with the responsibility of printing them out and attaching them together with the product on promotion. Its the end of the third quarter and Christmas is only a few months away. We have to clear our stock in order now, or else by the time our new shipment arrives for the year end promotion, we wont have space in our warehouse to stock them.

I had a fine time printing those pamphlet out everyday. Been doing that for the past few nights in fact. I found that i'll be out of printer ink very soon. Mine is an Epson inkjet photo printer and needs to use lots of colored inks. I gotta stock more Epson Ink Cartridges as i've got lots more to print out. I'll be ordering mine form as they stock nearly all the printer inks. I wont have problem with getting my supply from them. It's more convenient for me to order from them as i dont have to leave the office. And definitely cheaper too.

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