Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hire a website optimization firm

My brother in law just set up his new shop and asked me for my opinion if it's better for him to have a website too. I'd say it is important these days for businesses to have websites. It will definitely reach out to more people that way. If it's an online store, that would be better. Kill two birds with one stone. Isnt it much better that way. To me, i'll definitely have an online store too.

I told him about my friend who even went one step further. He hired a website optimization firm to optimize his website for the search engines. Prior to that, his website never turned up on the search engines result despite him keying in all the relevant keywords to his site. Since he had it optimized by a website optimization firm, he has received tremendous hit to his website daily and his business prospered.

My brother in law was impressed and he told me he will definitely do the same when he design his website next time. Right now, he wants to concentrate on building the business first. He will only think about the wesite a few months later. Okay, whatever. But if he wants to make more money, he'd better get his website up quick.

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