Saturday, September 08, 2007


Fuyoh, someone sure gonna kena from my loukung when she comes over next time. Niamah, you know what happened? Her kid went and spray water over my loukung's books inside the toilet. And yes, not the first time, k. I tell you, he loves books more than anything else. At least it found out in time and took them out to dry. All his lighters got wet and kaput sai jorr. I threw them all away. I told my MIL earlier in the evening what happened and got her to warn her dotter that if i ever catch that wretch doing it one more time, he's getting the cane from me. Or she's getting the boot from this house. And dont say i'm lansi. If she cant keep an eye on her kids when she comes over, then dont come. My house, i rule.

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