Saturday, September 22, 2007

Looking for NFL Merchandise

Hubby says he wants to go to the mall again later on. Since i have to send his new phone back to the phone shop to do some new settings, he will have about an hour to kill. He can go take a look at those NFL Merchandise and i can take my kid go round the mall, or have an ice-cream with him. What's so interesting about those NFL Merchandise? Not that he plays the game. Okay he watches it, fair enough.

I cant take my kid to the bookstore and let him sit there and read anymore. The shop's been sized down and they have removed the childrens' reading area. We can still sit on those stools though. Those that we stand on to reach for books on higher shelf. Just have to make sure you arent wearing light colored pants or skirts or they'll be black in no time.

I might as well let hubby know that if he cannot find what he want at the mall, he can always get them from They specialize in all kinds of sports uniform. You dont have to play the game nor a huge fan to buy them. You can treat them like everyday clothes. Dont say you dont know where you can find NFL Merchandise online now.

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