Saturday, September 22, 2007

Where to buy wholesale phone parts

It was hubby's birthday yesterday. We took the kids out after we picked Gordon up from school. I took the opportunity to rest and relax a bit as i've been writing far too many opps for days in a row. It's tiring, my brains are fried and i'm suffering from a bad bout of mental diarrhoea. Never heard of the term? I coined it cos initially to play safe, we have to write interims for every single sponsored post that we write. I can be writing like more than 30 opps in any given day. So, you can go imagine the number of interims that i have to dish out every single day, k.

I have to go taken a look at my poor phone later on. It's still at the phone shop being repaired. According to the technicians, they have problem locating the spare part for it. What kind of phone shop is this. Dont even keep parts for the phones they sell. I'd better tell them to check out, that sells all kinds of original mobile phone spare parts, lcd, flex cable, data cables, memory cards and also repairing tools. They are looking for wholesalers, stockists and also traders from around the globe. This company is based at Guangzhou, China. Interested parties looking for Wholesale phone parts can check them out via the link provided in the post.

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