Sunday, September 16, 2007

Shall i let him try some colloidal silver?

I told my mother in law about Gordon's foot infection and i'll be sending him for minor surgery on Monday to have the pus cleared. According to his doctor, it's innoculated and only a surgeon can get it cleared up properly. He wont need to spend the night at the hospital. It's just a minor surgical procedure that wont take more than half an hour to complete. But just like any old folks, the very mention of surgery will send chills down their spine.

She told me to try giving him some colloidal silver which her sis brought over the other day. She'd rather he take some colloidal silver than those prescribed antibiotic. Ya, though it's been touted as nature's antibiotic, i will only do so after the surgery, not now. I just want his ordeal to be over with quickly. It's been more than a month and getting bigger. Hurts me more to see him in pain more than anything else.

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