Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wet again, nmfl

Hubby gave his mom a piece of his mom just now. I forgot to kick the hose back to the bathroom and water from the washing machine is all over the place again, what the fuck. I was nursing Malcolm and cant go out to clean it up and was grumbling away at my table, Malcolm in hand. Isnt it stupid that one has to keep remembering to kick the knn outlet hose into the bathroom every time i use it.

And it's also partly my MIL's fault that this happened. I just told her to kick it back into the bathroom as i cant leave the room then. And i can hear her say i should do my laundry during the day and not at night. Tiu lah, what time i do my laundry also her business meh. If she dont kick also i'm not bothered since the whole place is wet already,nmfl. Let someone slip and fall and go to hell lah.

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