Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Who needs a loan this time?

My relatives never calls unless it's an emergency. They will never make any attempt to keep in touch. Not even call up to say hi. Forget it. But not that i mind too. But whenever my phone rings and i see their number from the caller's id, i can be sure that it's a loan that they want and i'm always right. They never call unless they want money, and it's not the first time.

I got a call from one of them last night and this time, the reason is still the same as the previous one. The husband's car broke down again and needs money to get it repaired or else he cant go to work. But the thing is, we lent her some two months back for the same reason and she did not get it fixed, nor did she repay us. So, dont you thing it's only fair that i told her we're not extending her a loan this time?

But i did tell her that if she needs it so urgently, she may want to get a cash advance from They will approve it as long as the amount does not exceed $1500 and the amount she wanted to borrow from us is only $500. She'd better go give it a try. No credit checks is needed anyway.

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