Thursday, October 04, 2007

Check out Leadpile

My uncle, who's an insurance sales agent is always on the lookout for quality leads for his business. And each time he has to buy leads, he will complain to his wife about the high cost involved in obtaining those leads. Yes, he may be getting quality leads, but if there is a way or a place where he can get them at a lower cost, he'll be happy. He was telling me about his recently lead purchase when i asked him if he's heard of Leadpile or not. And surprisingly, he's not.

I told him that Leadpile is The Lead Marketplace/Exchange and that they are getting bigger and better by the day. And their growth is without financial backing from venture capitalists too. To date, they have surpassed 1.5million leads, just like eBay when they first started out. I think he will be able to get his leads here at a lower cost as they've cut out the middlemen involved. This way, many can now buy or sell quality leads here without worrying of the high cost involved. He may want to check Leadpile out.

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