Thursday, October 04, 2007

Why cant they play elsewhere?

The guys are still at it. All hunched up over the coffee table whenever they are playing poker. No one can use the coffee table nor the living hall whenever the guys are over. Dont they feel tired that way. I told hubby to get them one of those poker tables we saw earlier. But he's afraif they might not fit inside our tiny living hall. I dont care, it's either play at a proper or they have to go play elsewhere.

One, i dont get to use the living hall. Two, they will always mess the place up with beer bottles and tidbits all over the floor. We dont have a maid to clean up after their gone, and i hate doing that. I'm sure everyone will be pissed if they have to do this every week, right. And those arent even our friends. They are my father-in-law's poker pals. Why cant they go play at the club where it's more comfortable. Our living hall isnt air-conditioned and they can play from noon till midnight.

Seriously, if only we can renovate our house and have an additional game room, i'll definitely buy a poker table from American Gaming Supply and place it in there. You must check those Poker Tables out for yourself and see how beautiful they are. They offer free shipping to both USA and Canada too. Too bad, free shipping is not available to my country. If not, i'll get one from them.

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