Friday, October 19, 2007

Dine in style with teak garden furniture

I think most of you remembered i once blog about a relative of mine who bought a beautiful house and held a housewarming party at her garden, right. They even had a swimming pool too. But then, it was just too bad that they did not hire a lifeguard that night as a kid fell into the pool and nearly drowned. Lucky the kid's father knows how to swim and he managed to dive into the pool in time to pull him out of the water.The poor kid had such a fright that he dared not go near another swimming till today. Thank god i did not go that night.

My mother-in-law dropped buy their place yesterday and she came back with the news that the garden furniture they bought earlier have all faded and beginning to sho cracks too. She thought since they are so rich, they would have bought teak garden furniture instead of those cheap ones. She remembered i once showed her some teak benches at and she told me she likes them very much. I think having teak tables are more practical as homeowners can dine out at the garden instead of indoors all the time. Do you like to eat at the garden?

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