Saturday, October 20, 2007

Do you like oil paintings or watercolor paintings?

I walked round and round the mall the other day trying to find a suitable gift for my cousin. He just moved to his new place and invited us to his housewarming party next weekend. I wanted to find him a gift that he will like and make his new place more beautiful. I know my cousin likes oil paintings and i cant seem to find any at the malls. All they have are posters and they look so fake and commercialised to me. I dont think he'll want to hang that on his wall at all. It's be such a waste of money.

Hubby suggested that i paint him one myself. I used to paint during my working days but i've since stopped when i moved back to my hometown. I still have my precious sable hair brushes with me though. I may want to continue painting one day, just not now. Anyway, i dont thin he likes abstract art as that's all i can paint these days. And i dont do oil paintings also. I prefer watercolor painting and pencil stroke art. The easiest way now may be to buy him one of those Oil Paintings which i saw at Those are carefully hand-painted reproduction oil painting of great modern art masters. I'm sure he'll love to have them on his wall.

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