Saturday, October 20, 2007

Oregon Mortgage Refinance gives the best rate

My mom's old house is rented out again. She wasnt able to sell it as my brother wanted to fetch a ridiculous price for it. I advised my mom to engage a good real estate agent to handle the sale of her house, but she says to leave it to my brother. If that's the case, i believe she has a long time to wait before she finally gets tolay her hands on the money from the sale of her house, lol. What a waste of time. Who can sell a house at such a location with a price that's 20k above the market rate? I just hope someone will keep renting the place.

She did ask me once if i want to buy her house or not. Too bad, i'm not interested. I dont fancy old houses, especially those that faces the main road. Dusty and noisy, gimme a break. My friend bought one in Oregon and she's now regretting her purchase. She took one of those Oregon mortgage refinance to pay for the purchase of her house. She told me that although she doesnt like the house, she recommends anyone who's looking to buy a house in Oregon to get their mortgage fronm na Oregon home mortgage company to save on interest.

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