Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Do you like soaking in the long bath?

I got a comment the other day in one of my posts regarding Hawaii. I was reviewing some beautiful Hawaii home rentals which i saw at the Kauai Travel Blog. The reader asked me why am i so particular about renting a place that has a long bath in it when i can jump right into the Pacific Ocean, lol. Sigh, i still somewhere to soak the moment i get back to the room, right. Not that i want to walk around feeling sticky all the time, haha.

I have this habit of bringing all my favorite bubble bath with me each time i go on a holiday. I love to soak in the long bath as my current place doesnt have one and i miss the one i had when i was living in KL. I like listening to soothing music as i relax with my favorite aromatherapy oil burning in the diffuser. Anyway, if you are planning a trip to Hawaii, you may want to check out Oahu Vacation Info on where to get the best vacation rental.

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