Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Men are hopeless

I dont understand why men find it so hard to even do one single thing. I have to multitask all the time with no trouble at all. All i ask of hubby is for him to help me keep an eye on the kids so that i can write a few quick posts also cannot. Day in day out i have to do so much and yet, i still get things done. He, on the other hand will fall asleep. If i have to depend on him to safe my life, i think i'll be long dead.

My kids were playing and chasing each other inside the small room. I told him to take the kids out to the living hall so that i can blog in peace also cannot. I got mad, so, i took the laptop out to the living hall instead. If i ever see those kids of mine coming out, i'm so gonna pack my bags and go stay by myself at a Hawaii beach house. Just dont piss off as i read from Hawaii Travel Blog and Kauai Travel Info that there are great offers everywhere now. All i need is a plane ticket and off i go.

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