Saturday, October 06, 2007

Dont overspend

I just bought a stack of new magazines back from Popular Bookstore yesterday. And i even bought a few more magazine holders. The upright kind where you have to fold into a box. It's my monthly staple. And when i sorted them into the magazine holders, i realised that i've not even read many of those previous month's magazines and yet i keep buying them each month without fail. But i need those to feed my brains with lots of info so that i can blog non-stop. Geee... i wonder if i can get relief for it from income tax or not. And that's provided i declare my taxes next year, lol.

When i was shopping for my kids stuffs at Parkson later, i overheard a lady complaining to her husband not to buy the LCD TV and to wait till it's on offer. It wont take long as festive season is just round the corner and there are bound to be lots of promotions going on. But the husband wouldnt listen and keep telling the wife that he will put it on the credit card and pay it off slowly. My god, that will accumulate interest. And the wife keep on reminding him that he still have lot so . unpaid outstanding payment on his cards. If this continues, he will need Credit Card Debt Help or Credit Card Debt Consolidation soon.

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