Friday, October 05, 2007

How to get more website traffic to my sites?

Many of my blog buddies are complaining that their websites pagerank have dropped. I keep all my fingers crossed that all mine remains the same. I dont mind if they go up a rank, but please.... dont drop any further. This site has been a PR4 since its launch and did not budge with this recent Google pr shakeup. In a way, i'm happy. As long as it doesnt drop like many this round, i think i'd better not complain about the rest of my sites.

Many blog gurus attribute this to too may sponsored posts on the blog. They also claim that those who have lots of link ads on their sidebar also suffered the same fate. I only do sponsored posts on my sites and not that many linkads. And i dont even have lots of incoming links too. As for comments, forget, It's pathetic, lol. But i'm working towards getting this site's pr up by the next Google shakeup. A PR5 perhaps. Before that can happen, the first thing i have to do is get more website traffic to my sites. I have made quite a fair bit of money lately. It's time i hire a professional to help me get more website traffic to all my sites.

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