Friday, October 05, 2007

Buy quality bar stools online

We always take Gordon out for tea after we pick him up from school at 4pm. We used to go to Oldtown Kopitiam. Somehow, they've raised their prices again. Dont you feel that The prices of food at Oldtown Kopitiam is far too expensive. Not that it tastes extraordinarily good also, right. And now, they've even removed their pricing from the order list. I feel that it's not right of them and i'm going to rant on this later. So now, we'd rather go to Parkson Kopitiam Junction for food instead. Moreover, i get to use their wifi. But not that i need it also cos i still have my Celcom 3G modem to use without the need for wifi hotspots.

We passed by a furniture shop and hubby wanted to go and check out those bar stools he saw from the window display. I told him they dont really look good to me at all and we can buy better Quality Bar Stools online. I saw many metal bar stools and wood bar stools there. If he doesnt like those ready made ones, he can always build his own wood bar stool there. I might as well let my sis know about this website. She wants to replace all her bar stools and she may want to buy them here.

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