Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A friend died

Hubby just got back not too long ago. A friend of ours just passed away. She succumbed to lung cancer. Sad huh. She's only in her forties, and her children are still very young. She's rich and has always pride herself in her ability to earn a lot of money. Too bad, she neglected her health. Even though she sells a lot of nutritional products, she never takes any to stay healthy. No, i'm not saying that if she took any of those nutritional products, she wont get cancer, k. Dont get me wrong here. What i want to say is she spent most of her time making money and neglected to do the most important thing for herself, and that is to love herself more. Too bad she wont be able to do that anymore as all her hard-earned money has gone into the pockets of some oncologist. Her children are also left to fend for themselves alone now. Sigh.... work so hard for what lah. When all that she got at the end of the day is a 2 by 6.

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