Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Private jets

My friend was telling me how pampered she is that she gets to go overseas with her hubby when he has to travel for his business meetings. She loves to fly, i dont know why. I nearly became an air-stewardess as it seems like the in-thing to do back then for a school-leaver, lol. I was really lucky that i didnt become one. Most of my friends who are still flying are either still not married, or worse, really haggard-looking by now. One of them married a pilot but found that it's even harder to be with each other due to work commitments and they were divorced 6 months later.

She told me if one really wants to travel in style, commercial airplanes will not be able to offer the luxury that private jets can. Jessica worked as a Personal Assistant for a billionaire before and accompanies him everywhere around the world. Her boss never flies commercial airplanes but preferred to charter his own flight. Those days, one needs to have membership that carries a hefty pricetag to be able to do so. It's all different now and more and more companies ar cropping up offering luxury private jets for charter.

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