Saturday, October 27, 2007

Gordon wants to go to London

I have a few friends who went to England to work and left their wife and children behind. They only ever come back once a year. You know, the exchange rate may be favorable to many, but the cost of living there is also very high. When they first arrived, a few of them stayed at some Manchester Hotels. They told it takes time to look for suitable Accommodation in London. And many of them cannot stand the pressure of being in a foreign country and returned a few months later. Instead of making a lot of money as expected, they ended up poorer than before.

My kid was showing me his nursery rhyme book with London Bridge Is Falling Down on it. He wanted me to sing it out loud for him before he goes to sleep. Given the chance, i'd love to take there to see the real thing one day. Well, if i were to go to London for a visit one day, i'll be sure to book some London Accommodation from Many of my friends who went there booked their accommodation through the site and found many great bargains. If you are planning a trip there later on, you may want to check the site out for yourself.

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