Friday, October 26, 2007

Leave your credit card behind when shopping with your new girlfriend

My sister-in-law told he her cousin called her up for a loan. He just graduated from university and got a job as an accountant. He rented a place of his own and even bought a second-hand car. Doesnt sound frivolous to me. Looks like this young chap is working towards his first 5 Cs; Career, Condo though rented, Car not new, lol, Cash which he doesnt seem to have much now and Credit Card which he just applied for.

Too bad, the moment he received his card, he took his new girlfriend shopping and busted its credit limit. He's in a panic as he doesnt have enough cash on hand to settle the outstanding amount when the statement arrives. My sister-in-law told him about credit card consolidation and how he can always apply for a Mint credit card to get that done. It's time he learns how to handle his personal finance or he'll suffer later on in life. He's still so young and has a long way to go.

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