Friday, October 26, 2007

Play online poker at the hospital, lol

My cousin called me from the hospital and asked me what time i'll be over to visit him. He fracture his leg in a car accident and the doctor insists that he needs to stay there for at least three days for observation. He was complaining how boring it is as all he gets to do is either read car magazines that his wife brought him or watch the news on tv in his room. He begged me to lend him my laptop so that he can surf the internet from his hospital bed, lol.

I asked him how is he gonna get online and he told me the hospital provides free wifi too. Sound more like a 5 star hotel to me, lol. I agreed but later found out that he wants to play poker at some online casino with his online buddies instead. It told him provided he can have the laptop for a few days but he must also rest and not play all the time. Looks like hospital stays arent that boring after all these day.

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