Friday, October 26, 2007

I cant believe those are Van Gogh reproductions

We went to a friend's house the other day. He inherited the old house from his dad who passed away recently. He wanted our opinion on some remodeling works to the backyard as he wanted to add more space to the kitchen as his wife wants to install a huge island right in the middle of her cooking area. I's also like to have a bigger kitchen too. But it's just too bad i live with my in-laws and they will surely disagree with any idea that i may have. Not that i mind also as i get to save more money for my dream kitchen next time.

My friend showed us around the place and we saw some magnificent Van Gogh Paintings along the staircase leading up to the library. His dad must be really rich to own such masterpieces but my friend told me they are reproductions, lol. Not the real thing. If not, he would have sold them off and move to a different place already. But they really look real to me and all of us had a good laugh. I love his place. It has those winding staircase and very wide and spacious too. If i can afford it, i also want to live in a huge mansion next time.

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