Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The hottest Playstation 3 games

My brother-in-law bought the Sony Playstation 3 for his son last month. The package comes with a few games and he didnt bother buying more PS3 video games for him. He thought it's enough to keep his kid busy for a long time. Little did he know that kids are very smart nowadays and can finish a single game in a days time. I understand that as i bought the Sony PSP for my kid a few months back. I dont know how many games i've bought for him since the day i bought the machine, lol. It's pretty amazing that they can really play at those games.

He asked me where he can buy his kid more games for the Playstation 3 as our local shops are selling those at a very high price. I told him there are a lot of PS3 Video Games like Warhawk, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six and Heavenly Sword that i think my nephew will enjoy playing at Come to think of it, his birthday is just around the corner, i think i'll ask my brother-in-law to pick up a few for him for his birthday present. I just hope he wont finish playing them in 2 weeks time!!!

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