Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Provillus for hairloss

My friend just gave birth to a healthy baby boy a few months back and she's still complaining that her hair is dropping at an alarming rate. She thought it's common for women after childbirth to experience some form of hairloss but now, she dont think so as it's been for quite some time already. She thinks it may be due to her stress or maybe some new hair care products she bought recently.

Any way, she has to take care of her problem quickly as she cannot be losing so much hair everyday. She wants to look for a good product to help combat her hairloss. A friend told her to go to website called She will be able to read up on a lot of reviews on a product called provillus, a specially formulated product to help with hairloss. If you are having the same problem as my friend and you need to find a good product for your problem, you may want to check the site out.

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