Thursday, October 11, 2007

Internet fax from Metrofax for home-based business

Oh, nearly everyone i know knows that i run a home-based business selling organic products. And one of the reasons i have to stay home so much is not only bec\ause of mt kids. It's my fax machine. I dont own one of those high-tech and ultra expensive mobile phones so that i can receive my fax on the go. Moreover, even if i have one of those phones, subscription fees from my network provider is also expensive.

Therefore i need a different solution to it. I still to run errands once in a while and for people like me, Internet Fax service from Metrofax is my best solution to all my fax needs. Now, for only $12.95 per month, i can get 1000 pages. Exceeding that, i only pay 3 cents per page after that. And no contract needed. All i need is an internet connection and i can receive my fax just like an email. Now, isnt it a great deal and fantastic service. It is to me. You may want to check it out if you run a home-based business like me.

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