Thursday, October 25, 2007

I really need more website traffic

I was saying in my previous post about getting my template changed, right. And just now, one of my blog buddies beeped me on my MSN saying the same thing, lol. She is having difficulty viewing my blog on her 24" monitor, what the heck. My friends are all getting richer and richer by the day that they can now all afford to buy such huge monitors for their computer. I'm also eyeing one but still havent decided which brand to buy. Any recommendations? I dont want those LCD monitors with a reflective screen, okay. A matt surface monitor is more suitable for me as i sit in front of it almost 24/7, okay.

I certainly dont want to go blind as i heard that they can be rather bright. I know i can always tweak the brightness down, but what's the point of buying an expensive model and not getting the most out of it, huh. meanwhile i still have to think about getting more website traffic to all my sites. Best if those are organic traffic as they have a higher chance of clicking on my ads. I hope i can earn more residual income with more website traffic. You's better go do something about yours if you have ads on your blogs.

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