Thursday, October 25, 2007

Looking for a professional website optimization firm

I'm sure many of you would have heard about how many of the A-list blogs got smacked hard by Google this time. I thought all the PR update was over? About two weeks ago, right. I was spared the first round, and none of my blogs got demoted. I wasnt so lucky this time as one blog got demoted by one notch. But it's okay with me as that's a personal blog and it also gives me more reason to build it into a better blog from this pr drop. I really to do something about it's traffic and some friends recommended that i get my blog optimized for the search engines too since i have some cpc ads there.

I think it's a good move and she says i should consider hiring a website optimization firm to get it done for me. She hired a professional website optimization firm for a few of her websites and they are now enjoying very good organic traffic from the search engines, and in turn, boosted her revenue too. But first, i think i want to go and change my template first. Some readers reported they are having problem reading it on a 24" monitor!!!

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