Monday, October 15, 2007

Keep a bottle of colloidal silver at home always

It rained for the better half of the day. The sky is dark and gloomy all day long. My kids keep pulling me to the door as they want to go out and play. Too bad, they dont understand that they cannot play in the rain as they will fall ill. My neighbor's kid loves to play in the field opposite our house and he was caught in the rain the other day and fell ill.

My neighbor told me she gave him some colloidal silver and hope that it can help boost his immune system and help him recover faster so that he wont have to miss so many days of school. It's near his exams and he needs to catch up on his lessons. She told me to buy a few bottles of colloidal silver and keep them inside the fridge. She says it's one of nature's best remedy for minor ailments and every household should have at least one in store.

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