Monday, October 15, 2007

Bitten by a dog

There was nothing much to do this evening and i called my girlfriend up and had a nice chat with her over the phone. We've not spoken with each other for quite a while since the birth of her baby and i wanted to catch up with the latest happenings. She's doing fine but i learnt that her dad was bitten by his neighbor's dogs when he was taking his evening walk. He took his grandchildren with him too and they were lucky to escape and managed to run back into the house.

My friend's dad was lucky as those dogs bit him on the leg and then ran away back to their owner's house. He lodges a police report again the man and is now looking for a personal injury attorney to help him sue that guy for compensation. The same thing happened to his friend who lives somewhere down the streets but he didnt lodge a police report against him nor get a personal injury attorney to sue that guy. That's why this happened again. I was so shocked when i heard that but wished him well and also good luck in his case against his neigjhbor. But i think he wont have any problems at all as personal injury attorneys are very well experienced in these kind of cases.

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