Wednesday, October 17, 2007

No medical Life Insurance for seniors

I have a few relatives who dont believe in buying medical insurance for their old folks. And each time when they require emergency medical care, they will go around asking other family members for financial support so that they dont have to languish at some Government Hospital. Even though they know that medical treatment at a private hospital is so costly, they still refuse to buy insurance for them. I dont think it's fair of them to go around their siblings asking them to fund their old folk's medical fees this way. It can be avoided by buying them a simple medical insurance.

Both my in-laws bought Senior Life insurance a few years back when they heard of it from a friend of theirs. The reason they took so long to get theirs is because they used to think they have to go through a lot of medical exams to get theirs. They finally got theirs when a friend told them that no medical exam life insurance is available to them. My old folks hate going for medical exams, and i think many share the same feelings too. So, if you know of anyone who wants to buy Senior Life Insurance, do check out the links provided her for more information.

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