Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Would you like to sell off your life settlement?

My uncle was over the other day and we took him out for dinner. It's been a long time since we last met up for a chat. he told us that he has to send both his kids to university soon and is looking for ways to liquidate some of his investments. He needs a lot of money as he intends to send them overseas for their studies. He feels that they will be able to gain better experience that way compared to studying locally. I dont know about that as i've never studied overseas before. But many of my friends who went overseas returned and started looking down on their own country. But, if that's what my uncle wants, he can do what he likes with his children, right.

He's thinking of selling off all his Life Settlements for a lump sum payment. He has a few Life Settlements that pays him a handsome amount every month, and he knows if he's able to sell them off, he will have enough money to send both his children overseas. many of my friends do that too. Too bad i dont have any life settlement to sell off. I'd sure like to use that as a downpayment for a new house so that we dont have to stay in a one room.

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