Monday, October 01, 2007

Oahu beach wedding

I went through those wedding invitation lying on my table and found another wedding luncheon. I'm so going to scream again if i have to attend that function. Do you know how thw weather it is these day. I think anyone will melt in this weather. And talking about melting, i saw a lady with half her face makeup gone. She kept wiping and wiping those perspiration that keeps surfacing on her face. I think she forgot that it's day time and she's using the wrong foundation. She should have used more powder instead of those pancake type of foundation on her face. And yes, she looks downright horrible. I wonder why she didnt go to the powder room and reapply some foundation to even out her complexion.

Given the choice, if one wants to hold a wedding in the afternoon, Why not have it at the beach? Then i dont have to wear those uncomfortable dresses. Can wear bikinis instead, lol. The host can book a few Oahu vacation rentals or Hawaiian Beach Rentals. I read from a Hawaii Travel Information site that many people hold their wedding sat the beach. I think i'd better let my friends know about this. I know a few are also getting married this year.

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