Monday, October 01, 2007

Shopping in Kauai

I just got off the phone with Jessica. She's also getting married. Oh my god.... so many wedding functions to attend this month. I'm gonna go broke soon with so many gifts to buy. Not to forget i cannot wear the same dress to all the functions, right. Ipoh is such a small place and nearly everyone knows each other. I certainly wouldnt want to be caught dead wearing the same dress twice to a function with the same people in the same room. I'd die of embarrassment.

I'm gonna bug hubby to take me for s hopping trip. I think i'll need a minimum of 6 dresses now. So far, i've only received 6 wedding invitations. I bet more will be coming. Too bad i cant take the time off to go to Hawaii for shopping. If not, i'll be sure to book myself a nice condo and shop till i drop there. I saw some really nice Kauai vacation rentals and Hawaiian Beach Rentals at a Hawaiian vacation information site. But if i plan carefully and dont go for more than three days. I think i can make it back in time for Jason's wedding.

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