Thursday, October 18, 2007

Who knows a truck accident attorney?

It's been a stressful week for me. I havent really sat down to do any serious blogging as i had to help hubby with his business. He has to travel a lot theses days. And each time before he goes off, there are bound to be a lot preparation work to help out with like tonnes of documents to printout and file for him. As mine is a vainpot, he'll want me to iron half a dozen shirts and pants for him as well and match all his neckties, belts socks and shoes too. Isnt it weird he's more concerned of his public appearance more than i do, lol.

And just when he was about to leave for the airport, he got a phone call from his friend living in Los Angeles. He got to know that his son was hit by a truck on his way to work and is now at the hospital and is now looking for Truck Accident Attorneys Los Angeles to help him handle his son's accident case. The truck driver was no where to be found after the accident. He's gone into hiding , but the authorities have been informed and they will soon find him. But his friend wants to sue the truck company for compensation now. One of his friend knows some Plane Crash Attorneys Los Angeles and he thinks they will be able to help him locate some good truck accident attorneys.

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