Thursday, October 18, 2007

How many truck accident lawyers do you know?

I think i may have been watching far too many courtroom drama series these days. There's just so much time to kill and i do have many of those drama series inside my hard drive. I have a friend who will come over each weekend and load tonnes of movies for me to watch. I have a soft spot for courtroom dramas as those actors are so so handsome. I watched one in which some Truck Accident Lawyers California handled a case so well. They look so professional in their suits and i cannot get enough of them at all.

I have a friend who married a Truck Accident Lawyer too. She keeps telling how handsome her husband is and even showed me his photo once. I nearly died of laughter as he's fat and bald. I really havent got a clue which part of him is handsome. But i can tell that this man has a character that says you'd better not mess with him. But i do know that he's a very experience lawyer and has help many people get the justice that they deserved. But then, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. If my friend says he's handsome, then handsome he is, ok.

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