Thursday, October 18, 2007

I love Mexican food. Do you?

I just got the kids back to bed and now, i'm dead tired. I cant sleep yet as i have to write a few more posts. What happened was a car alarm went off just now. It's the middle of the night and it's very quiet here at this time. The car is parked right behind my house and not the owner's compound.

It's raining and the alarm was triggered by the loud noise of the thunder. The blare frightened me, woke Malcolm up and his loud crying woke Gordon up too. So, you can imagine the chaos the room was in just now. I just got them to bed not too long ago and i had to repeat the go-to-sleep process all over again. You say i stress or not.

Too bad hubby isnt around to help me out. He'll be back tomorrow. I'm so going to bug him to take us on a holiday to some place exotic like Mexico. It's a nice place and i love Mexican food. I'm going to check out those Mexico Vacation Villas and print everything out out for him to read properly. I'm sure that will help him make up his mind faster.

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